Driving Tests

Before you apply for your practical driving test you will need to hold a provisional driving licence and pass your theory and hazard perception test.

You will also need to learn some vehicle safety questions. You can find them here.

The current UK driving test is made up of two parts. The first is the theory test and the second is the practical test.

The Theory Test

The theory test also consists of two parts; theory questions and the hazard perception test. The theory questions consist of 50 multiple choice questions about The Highway Code, car maintenance, first aid and safe practises in driving. You must get 43 out of the 50 questions correct in order to pass.

The second part of the theory test is the hazard perception test in which you are given 14 video clips of the road ahead. Each clip contains hazards but it is the hazard that develops into a situation where you would either brake or change direction (or both) that is significant. This is the point where you would click the computer mouse firstly to signify you have recognised the hazard and secondly by clicking again to signify the hazard is developing.

The earlier you recognise it is developing, the higher your score. Each clip has at least one developing hazard but one clip has two developing hazards. The maximum score you can obtain for each clip is 5 points (or 10 points for the clip with two developing hazards). You must score 44 out of 75 to pass.

If you pass one part but fail the other you will fail the entire theory. You must pass both parts of the theory test to receive your test pass certificate.

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The Practical Test

The practical test lasts approximately 35 to 40 minutes. During the test you will be asked to follow the road ahead at all times unless traffic signs or the examiner tells you otherwise. You will be asked to complete one manoeuvre and an independent drive and possibly the emergency stop/controlled stop.

During the independent drive, you will either be asked to follow signs to a destination or be given a series of three instructions, or both. You are allowed 15 driver faults, although one serious fault is enough to fail your test outright at any point during. Your instructor will give you more information during your practical lessons and it is advisable to complete at least one mock test with your instructor before taking the real test.

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