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Orange Driver Training is a driving school in Andover offering Manual and Automatic driving lessons. We also provide pass plus, motorway driving, refresher lessons, extended driving test and instructor training. Orange Driver Training has a high pass rate, why not take a look at some of our happy customer reviews?

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When can I get started?

You'll need a provisional driving license before you start learning to drive with Orange Driver Training. You can apply by post or online at the the official website.

How much does it cost?

The time it takes to learn to drive is different from one person to the next. We will get you to your driving test as soon as you have the skills to drive a car safely, confidently and competently on your own.


Take a look at some of our happy customer reviews who have passed their driving test with Orange Driver Training.

How many driving lessons do you need before your test?

The time it takes to learn to drive is different from one person to the next; all learners begin their journey at a different start point, with different knowledge and their own set of skills to draw upon.

This is why learning to drive is a very individual experience and explains why each person will need a different number of lessons. Anxiety when learning to drive is a common barrier, it’s a distraction that will inevitably make learning more difficult and time consuming. To help you with this your driving instructor will create a learning environment that is relaxed and non-judgemental. They will help you to evaluate and judge your own performance, as well as making sure your lessons are enjoyable and fun.

Our driving lesson prices are around average for the area, so we are not the cheapest driving school in Andover, however we feel you will get good value for money from fully qualified DVSA instructors who are friendly and very patient. You will also get structured training suited to your individual needs combined with personal assessments and reviews for you to measure your own progress.

Our aim at Orange Driver Training is to provide you with the highest quality training, enabling you to pass your driving test by becoming a safe, confident and competent driver for life.


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Call us on 07738 017137

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